Board Meeting Minutes

BHYC Board Meeting

May 21, 2013

"The Chart House"


The meeting was called to order at 1705 at the Chart House. Present were President Dan Caviston, Treasurer Dan Flory, Secretary Jon Kinne, Vice-President Gary Nelson and Board Members Bill Davy, Bob Ogur and Mike Marsh. Also present were Harbormaster John Roth and the Marina's electrical contractor, Chris Haner.


Chris was asked to give a report of his inspection of the Marina's electrical system, and he noted that he had inspected all of the junction boxes on the docks and was in the process of inspecting all of the power pedestals for short circuits, etc.


It was suggested that John Roth and Chris create three electrical maintenance checklists: a 1-year, 3-year and 5-year list, to be able to prioritize the maintenance tasks.


Chris then raised the issue of whether or not to allow swimming at the Marina. A lengthy and careful discussion followed during which Chris pointed out that even if we installed the most sophisticated fault-monitoring system available, at a cost of $30,000 per main pier with labor costs in addition to that, we would still not be able to guarantee that a dangerous electrical problem would not arise and pose a safety threat to swimmers. He also explained that stray current could potentially pose a threat to the area that we have previously designated as safe for swimming. Additionally, it was pointed out that swimming is not allowed in most Marinas around the country, since even removing the issue of electrical danger from the discussion, there still exist many conditions and situations which pose a safety threat to swimmers in a marina.


In light of this discussion, it was decided that until further notice, there is to be absolutely no swimming at any location in the Marina. The float line west of  the beach is placed only to indicate the easternmost extent of the fairway for boaters between the head piers, and signage will be placed conspicuously to warn members and visitors of the prohibition against swimming. Concurrently, the Board will seek legal opinions as to how best to enforce a prohibition against swimming, and will also explore the possibility of creating a swimming area north of the Chart House deck.


There was discussion of whether or not to repair another breakwall this summer, given that if we deferred such repair, an additional $14,000 would be available for other maintenance items, including a storage shed, electrical maintenance, walkways, dock-mooring rock re-location, mooring-chain adjustments, fire-extinguishers and life-buoy rings, Chart House cabinets, various 6x6 post repairs and repairs to the connection area for the 30-foot main pier.


It was moved, seconded and approved that the Board authorize John Roth, with consultation by Gary Nelson on the esthetic design, to spend $3500 for the purchase of a storage shed to be installed on pre-cast concrete pads over a leveling bed of crushed rock, and that repair of another breakwall be deferred for another year.


Since the issue of swimming at the Marina affects many of our Members, it was decided that while the temporary swimming ban is in place and we are seeking legal opinion, that the issue be brought to the Membership at the upcoming Annual Meeting so that the Board may solicit Membership opinion on what possible solutions the Board might pursue.


There being no further business, a motion was made, seconded and approved to adjourn the meeting at 1825.

BHYC Board of Directors

May 24, 2014

"The Chart House"

The Meeting was called to order at 9:00 AM.


Present: Ernie Thomas, Mike Marsh, Gary Nelson, Larry Kuhnke, Dan Utt, Dan Caviston and guest John Roth. Jon Kinne was unavailable and gave Gary Nelson his proxy vote. Bill Davy and Bob Ogur were also unavailable, but were contacted via TX and voted on several issues.


Gary Nelson reported that the bath house project has cost $29,034.00 so far with an additional $400-$500 more expected for benches for both bathrooms. The project had an initial budget of $15,000.00, however, once the project got under way, the builders found additional problems requiring repair, such as mold in the walls behind the shower tiles. These additional problems caused the cost overruns. Also, they discovered the roof was leaking. Gary Nelson has received 3 bids ranging from $7,500.00 to $11,000.00 to install a new cedar shake roof. Also, the roof on the Chart House is reported to be in good shape, however, it should be cleaned and treated to prevent it from failing. Gary will obtain quotes from the contractors who have bid on the bath house roof to provide this service. It is felt it would be cheaper to have the Chart House roof serviced while the contractors are installing the new roof on the bath house.


Chris Haner was contacted reference his yearly maintenance inspections. Chris advised he believes it would cost roughly $800.00 to conduct the yearly inspection. Then, every third year, a more thorough inspection would be done, which would cost about $1800.00. This price would not include any materials and additional labor costs should problems be discovered. Chris is planning on installing access points in 6 power pedestals which would enable BHYC personnel to check for electrical current in the water around the docks. This should cost about $1200.00.


Dan Utt is going to contact our insurance agent, The Larkin Group, to review our policy relative to the damage to the marina over this past winter. The west break walls have moved in closer to the docks and Mark Nevinger is going to reposition them. Due to the depth of the water (90’) Mark is only able to stay down about 15 minutes each day, so he estimates he will only be able to reposition one boulder each day. We are going to contact Nevinger to see what his feelings are about training someone to assist him and be able to continue his work if and when he retires. Nevinger also has a break wall on his property and since we did not replace a break wall in 2013, we may need to do that this year.


John Roth reported the main piers may need attention sooner than later (5 years or so for the 40’ pier). Dan Caviston will contact Flotation Dock Systems in Cedarville, MI reference them inspecting the docks. Flotation is the company who installed our docks.


John Roth also reported many people are interested in Wi-Fi for the marina and John is looking into this. John is also going to contact our state rep. Wayne Schmidt for the name of a person in Lansing to contact about extending our Bottomlands Lease.


The boxes John Roth built to hold the fire extinguishers have deteriorated. Our insurance company specifically mentioned that we need some throwable flotation devices on each dock and the board approved purchasing boxes that will house the fire extinguishers and flotation devices.


There was some discussion of having our August picnic catered. Gary Nelson provided a pamphlet from Grandview Catering. We will see what the membership feels about this.


This past winter, one Board Member loaned BHYC $5000.00 to complete the Bathhouse project because we did not have enough cash on hand to cover some bills. Over the years, the board has discussed the need to have a cash reserve. Part of our Bottomlands Lease with the State of Michigan requires we maintain the Marina in good condition. Two 30’ slips sold last year for $50,000.00 dollars while 40’ slips sold for $75,000.00. This is roughly double what some owners paid for their slips years ago. The board feels that we should not have to borrow money from members to complete necessary repairs and upgrades. Since we have a short 4 month boating season, it would be unacceptable to have the marina shut down because we did not have the money to take care of a large repair should one be necessary mid-season. For this reason, the board has voted to assess each slip $1000.00 extra this year and raise the annual special assessment to $1000.00 per year from this point on. This decision was not an easy one, however, the board felt that BHYC is roughly 25 years old and will be in need of further repairs soon and we need to start building a reserve fund now.


There is a boat length violation occurring in the marina, which we thought had been resolved. The board unanimously agreed to have our attorney Chris Cooke continue to resolve this issue.


The meeting was adjourned at 11:00 AM.

BHYC Board of Directors

October 20, 2015

Old Mission Tavern


The meeting was called to order by President Dan Caviston at 12:00 PM.


Present were Robert Ogur, Dan Caviston, Ernie Thomas, Larry Kuhnke and Jon Kinne, which constituted a majority of the Board.


It was stated that John Roth will need to remove the wood walkways before the new electrical work begins so that trenching for the supply cables can take place. A discussion followed regarding whether new walkways should be constructed to replace the ones being removed, or whether the deteriorating, 25+ -year-old walkways should be put back in place. Dan Caviston will check with Gary Nelson about bids for replacement costs, and contact the Board with the results.


Dan brought up the subject of individual finger pier replacement as part of our upcoming dock project. Several members have inquired about the possibility of installing new finger piers during the build-out of the project, and the question has come up, with regard to the 40-foot piers on the NORTH side, whether or not the length of the piers should be increased. Arguing for such an increase would be the greater stability it would afford to the docked boats, with the negative side being an increased cost to install a longer pier. Dan has received an estimate from Flotation Dock Systems (FDS), our contractor for the upcoming project, that it would cost a pair of slip owners (each paying the cost of one shared pier) about $300 more to install a 42-foot pier than a 40-foot pier. Because the slip owners on the north side of the 40-foot main dock are already allowed boats up to 45 feet in overall length, it was concluded, by unanimous vote, that as finger piers on the NORTH side of the 40-foot dock are replaced, they must be replaced with 42-foot piers.


On a related subject, the Board unanimously decided to set boat width maximums, and as described in the attached By-Laws revision, these maximum widths are 15 feet for the 40-foot slips and 13 feet for the 30-foot slips. Additionally, there will be a limitation on a boat's noise level, as described in the By-Laws revision which will be sent to the Membership in a separate email mailing.


The Board also addressed the type of decking that would be allowed when slip owners decide to replace their deteriorating deck boards, and it was decided that any replacement decking would be with treated lumber (not plastic or synthetic material), ideally supplied by FDS, but if sourced elsewhere, the lumber must be of the same type and color as that which is being used on our new main docks.


It was mentioned that the kayak/paddleboard/canoe stand and its surrounding area was becoming a storage site for large wood posts and other lumber products; the Board will ask Gary Nelson to speak with John about finding another area in which to store those supplies, so that when the new docks are in place, the area will have a fresh and neat appearance.


There was a discussion of a subject that had been raised at previous Board meetings, namely whether to include a provision in the By-Laws to require that sales of slips must be approved by the Board. After much debate, the Board agreed not to mandate such a provision, but unanimously and emphatically asked that owners notify the Board in advance of a proposed sale, so that the Board can be certain that the Buyer is in possession of the Rules, Regulations and Restrictions, and is aware of the limitations on boat length, width and noise before continuing with a purchase. It was suggested that Dan Utt let the Board know the results of his investigation regarding what can be required relative to this notification process.



The Board directed the secretary to send an email to the Membership detailing the Slip Lease requirement (Article 15.01) that the Lessee maintain Liability Insurance, and the Secretary will implement a method by which compliance with the requirement can be tracked. The Secretary, after he sends the Minutes of this Meeting to the Membership, will prepare another email message detailing the requirements of the liability insurance provision together with information to assist the Membership in complying.


The last item of business was a discussion of whether to place a finger pier which is scheduled for replacement, along the Chart House beach area. It was pointed out that such a pier might appear as a dock for boaters wanting to tie up for visits ashore, as well as becoming a liability hazard if young children are fishing off such a structure. Accordingly, it was decided not to place a finger pier at any location as a “fishing dock”.


A motion for adjournment was made and seconded at 1:50 PM.


Respectfully submitted,


Jon Kinne


BHYC Board of Directors

May 23, 2017

Old Mission Tavern


Meeting was called to order at 12:05 PM by President Caviston. Board Members present were Kinne, Ogur, Davy, Nelson, Caviston, Thomas and Kuhnke. Marsh and Utt were absent.


President Caviston reported that Dan Utt is working with the DNR to extend the Bottomlands Lease by another 25 years, and the Board unanimously approved this effort.


A discussion followed concerning the Reserve Fund that the Marina has been accumulating to hold for unexpected contingencies. At the 2013 Annual Meeting it was decided to incorporate a second $500 Special Assessment (September of each year) as a means of building a Reserve Fund to be used exclusively for Capital Improvements, and it was further decided to review the September Special Assessment every 5 years, with the next review coming in 2018. The Reserve Fund was discussed the following year (2014) at the Annual Meeting, and it was voted at that time to cap the Reserve Fund at $25,000.


Treasurer Kuhnke pointed out that after all of our improvements were completed, we probably have a Marina value of around 4 million dollars. If the Reserves were to remain capped at $25,000, we would have a Reserve Fund of less than 1% of our Marina's value, and Larry felt that such a figure was unrealistically low. The Board discussed that a Reserve Fund of $100,000 would put the Marina in a much more fiscally-sound position, and while still representing only a 2.5% Reserves/Value ratio, would be the responsible decision to make. Accordingly, the Board will recommend to the Membership that the September Special Assessment be continued until the Reserve Fund reaches $100,000 (which should be reasonably soon at the current pace); at that time, the Reserve Fund will remain invested and held strictly for unforeseen contingencies, and the September Special Assessment can be eliminated.


Together with the discussion of the special assessments, Treasurer Kuhnke reported that our current dues do not currently cover our operating expenses, and that we need to use each year some of the funds from the March Special Assessment. The Board asked him to review our operating expenses in detail and recommend a dues amount that will cover those operating expenses. When the dues are covering our operating expenses, we can use the March Special Assessment for the yearly improvements for which that assessment was designed, for instance breakwater replacement.


There was discussion of who could step in and manage the Marina should John become injured or incapacitated, and the feeling was that John's associate, Scott, could do that.


The question of exactly what property we own versus what we have the right to use by easment was discussed, and the Board will ask Dan Utt to clarify that issue.


There was discussion again, as in years past, of organizing a website for the Marina, and that discussion will become more focused in the coming months.


The Board then discussed the issue of when our docks should be put in the water. It was pointed out that by waiting until the end of April as the date for dock assembly, we put ourselves at the mercy of nature and “hope” we have favorable weather so the docks can be in by May 1 (which did not happen this year). Some Board Members pointed out that in several years recently the weather has been favorable enough that we could have had 2 or 3 extra weeks of boating if the docks had been placed in early April. Since our season is already so short, and since waiting longer only puts us increasingly at the mercy of the weather, the Board voted unanimously to implement the following policy:


The Harbormaster will plan that the docks will be put in place on the first Saturday in April, weather (wind, waves, ice) permitting. The Harbormaster will notify his crew that if those conditions do not allow placement on the first Saturday, placement will be the following Saturday, and so on. Such a plan will allow extra boating in many years (understanding that there will be no water nor electricity at the docks), but in any event, the docks will be in place absolutely no later than May 1st.


The Board approved Gary Nelson to order 6 more beach chairs, which have been so well received by the Membership.


John Roth had mentioned to some of the Board Members that several of the finger piers are in very poor condition with only a few years of use remaining, and some are already at the point that he cannot put them in next year. He will notify those Members for whom this is the last year their finger piers can be safely placed, so they can begin making plans for replacement next Spring. This will avoid the unpleasant situation where John would find in the Spring that he is UNABLE to safely place a finger pier, it would be too late to order and build a replacement, and thus two Owners would lose the use of the Marina for an entire season.


A Motion for Adjournment was made, seconded and approved at 1:20 PM


Respectfully submitted,


Jon Kinne




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